A Crumbling of Faith: Holy Saturday

Luke 23:50-56


Joseph of Arimathea gets very little mention in the Bible. We know he was a member of the council that plotted against Jesus and ultimately put him to death. Joseph, however, voted against this plot. After Jesus died, Joseph asked Pilate for the body, and had it placed in his own tomb.


I wonder what that did for Joseph’s reputation? It wasn’t enough that he disagreed with the council, he then very publicly took the body of the man they had executed and buried it in his own tomb! I imagine the other council members were furious. Such an act was probably enough to get him blackballed from the council. All of his political clout and power were immediately gone. His defiance forever changed the trajectory of his life.


Yet without such a resistant act, what would have happened? Jesus’ body would have been tossed into the potter’s field, a mass grave with all the other nobodies. There would have been no stone to roll away, no place for the women to come to prepare the body on Easter morning. Jesus would have resurrected still, I have no doubt, but the story would have been much different.


What comforts are you asked to give up so that God’s will can be done? Is God asking you to walk away from power, prestige and clout, to defy the world?


Prayer: Lord Jesus, let me have the boldness of Joseph, to embrace you against all the wisdom of the world; to deny myself, take up my cross, and follow you, even unto death.

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