A Little Goes a Long Way

It’s a compliment that I hate to get. Since I began the ministry I’ve had this sentiment expressed to me a handful of times in a variety of ways, a variety of phrasings, but they all come down to the same meaning. They are always intended as compliments, fully given with utmost sincerity and kindness, […]

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Your Church Should Have a Garden

Given the sheer prevalence of churches- the fact that there is some kind of church in nearly every community in North America- the local church has the best ability to combat hunger, food injustice and corrupt food systems on a local, immediate level. Even in food deserts, places where healthy food is not available, there […]

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We Must Be Born Again

Being born is a reality-altering event in your life. The dark confinement, the warmth, the safety that you have always known in the womb are left behind, never to be returned to. A new reality of heretofore-unimaginable breadth and depth and height, of sensory explosion and unfathomable learning, lays before you like a vast plain […]

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

“It sure growed!” Peggy exclaimed, looking around. We were standing in Selah Community Garden at the beginning of another session of Senior Seeds, our health initiative to get local seniors involved in the garden. I smiled, feeling my head swell just a little bit, because she was right; it sure growed. Last year, in our […]

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Established: 1776

Anytime I see those stars, I remember that night. I was maybe four or five years old when my father took me out to show me the Big Dipper. We were at my grandparents’ house on the family farm, and it was dark and cloudless. I cannot say why he took me and my brother […]

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