A Crumbling of Faith: Wednesday

Luke 22:7-13


Jesus’ order to Peter and James would have been hard for me to carry out. “Go into town, approach a stranger, and tell him you’re there to see the room he’s made ready.” I would have been embarrassed to do such a thing, and probably would have tried to convince another disciple to do it for me.


As for the man whose room they used, I can’t imagine being in his place. We’re told that he had the room ready for their use, like he expected them. I believe he had received some kind of divinely inspired foreknowledge that his room would be needed, and he had to prepare it. Beyond that, I don’t think he knew.


In both of these cases, the men are being asked to do something strange, possibly even uncomfortable, without knowing why. I would have kicked against that. I like knowing why I’m asked to do something. But a life lived on faith requires obedience first, understanding later. Countless times I’ve been asked by God to do something with no understanding as to why or what the result would be. When we put our minds to obeying God in spite of our own understanding, God is able to work miracles through our obedience.


What odd thing is God asking you to do? What is standing in the way of your obedience?


Prayer: Lord Jesus, help me to trust and obey, even when I cannot see or understand.

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